Jesus Christ is the savior

My life without the Lord of lords and
the King of kings,
Jesus Christ!

I am a gypsy, born in Serbia and was trained as a thief. When I was 10 years old, I begin to smoking. Later, with 12 years of age, came to alcohol and drugs. I was a good burglar and pickpocket.

i smoke and drink

Through alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, I was anorexic. I had time and again with the police to do the whole school I attended only 2 years. Reading and writing, I could only short sentences. I was the worst student and worst boy in town. A lot of money, lots of friends, everything was fun.

Up to my 18th Year of life, I always landed back in prison: 6 months in Holland, 2 months Cologne, Wuppertal and 6 months in Siegburg 22 months.

In Siegburg was a prisoner, and said to me: "Jesus loves you, and only he can help you." I wanted him not to listen, because I've hated God and all that is with God had to do. I had no fear of death. God was for old people there, but not for me.

As I said in my cell had only the Bible, which I get from my colleagues had, I started from boredom, it is to browse. Step by step I read the Bible.

Suddenly I noticed in my cell alone, that one was for me. Although I hated the whole world has, I felt that one loved me. I had no plan for my broken life, but in reading the Bible, that God is a plan for my life. I was always curious and read further into the Bible.

Suddenly I discovered that Jesus Christ is all my fault on the Cross already has paid

(Isaiah 53, 5: But he is iniquity sake of our wounded and our sin sake shattered. The punishment is on him, that we would have peace, and by his wounds we are healed.)

and I with him a new life can be. Since I went to my knees, opened my heart and prayed that Jesus over my life and that he should be my Lord, my life. I want to live this way, as the Bible says.

Mein altes Leben

As I prayed on my knees, I asked myself inwardly in my heart where I will know whether the Bible is the truth. So much religion and I will now take the right path found?

Then I slept a clock to 3:00 am I was awake and had the windows done. Then I was lying down again. At the moment, when I had the eyes closed, suddenly one behind my back and began to speak with me. I began to tremble and had fear of death. He said: "Do not worry, I've come to you to tell the truth. Read the Bible, I have a plan for your life ". I said: "Go, please." He said: "Do not be afraid." And he moved my blanket 3-times back and forth.

Although I have seen no one, I felt that someone was behind me and has talked with me.

Since that moment my life has completely changed. Jesus Christ has freed me from drugs, alcohol, anorexia, cigarettes and gambling.

Today I live with Jesus and wants to tell all: "What is impossible in humans, it is possible with Jesus. Jesus is still the same. He blesses, heals and frees. This is what the prosecutors, the youth welfare office, the judges, the prison and the police could not stop, this has stopped Jesus Christ."


Praise the Lord, my soul and do not forget what he has done you good. The closest has cured, you are exempt, which died for thee, that thou mayest live.

Today I am married, have two healthy children and live with Jesus Christ. I wish that every person recognizes that Jesus Christ is the only savior, redeemer and liberator is and will remain forever and ever.


"Now, if Jesus Christ will make you free, so you will really be free." (John 8, 36)

My family today